Mark Kirkpatrick

I'm interested in the evolution of sex determination, genome structure, species ranges, mate choice, and quantitative traits.

E  kirkp <at>

Students and postdocs:

Andrius Dagilis

My research is primarily focused on development of mathematical models and data analysis of chromosomal evolution and speciation.

E  adagilis <at>

Mackenzie Johnson

Joining the lab in August 2017.  Stay tuned!

Michael Miyagi

I am interested in developing mathematical tools for describing and detecting population structure and horizontal gene transfer events.


Jason Sardell

My research interests include sex chromosome evolution, speciation, sexual selection, and the evolution of sexually dimorphic recombination landscapes.

E  jsardell <at>

 Photo Credit:&nbsp; dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Mel Toups

I’m interested in the evolution of sex chromosomes and sexually dimorphic gene expression. 

E  melissa.toups <at>

Dearly departed lab members and visitors:

Changde Cheng

David Houle

Brian Barrett

Todd Olson

Sally Otto

Mike Whitlock

Kelsey Jiang

Rafael Guerrero

Sam Scarpino

Robin Hopkins

Kate Behrman

Diego Ayala

Evan Koch

Lisa Snowberg

Will Stutz

Patrick Hunt

Stephan Peichl

Claudia Bank

Mickey Ristroph

Anne Duputié

Kelsey Jiang

Anne Tsitrone

Sander van Doorn

Carole Smadja

Christina de Roos

Angeles de Cara

Scott Nuismer

Sarah Joseph

Ophélie Ronce

Thomas Bataillon

David Hall

Alan Lemmon

Laura Higgins

Maria Servedio

Gisela Garcia

Diego Rodriguez

Chris Austin

Richard Gomulkiewicz

Cheryl Jenkins

Spencer Wells

David Pfennig

David Lofsvold